Ezra Miller Geeks Out, the Niffler Gets Greedy in Fantastic Beasts Videos

What do you get when cast one of the biggest Harry Potter nerds in your film? You get an on-set wizarding world historian, and in Fantastic Beasts and Where to FInd Themthat is Ezra Miller. Ironically, Miller's role in the film is that of Credence Barebone, the son of Mary Lou Barebone, the leader of the New Salem Philanthropic Society, a No-Maj (American for Muggles) anti-witchcraft group. In the first clip, Miller ties together some of the clues we learned in Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows to Fantastic Beasts, explaining how one major plot point in J.K. Rowlings Potter-verse (a battle between Dumbledore and a certain dark wizard—no, not Voldermort) play into the new film.

In the second video released by Warner Bros., we get a longer look at one of the fantastic beasts, the Niffler. As the New York Times reported, the Niffler is "a small furry creature with a platypus-like snout and an appetite for shiny things." We see just how attracted the Niffler is to shiny things in this clip, which is set in a bank vault. In fact, it's the very moment Redmayne was explaining to the Times about how he learned how Newt and the Niffler would intereact—by watching a zoologist working with a baby anteater. “It would curl up into a little ball, and in order to make it relax, she would tickle his little belly,” he told the times. “There’s a moment where the Niffler has gorged himself on glittery stuff, and Newt is trying to get him to release his jewels. So he ends up tickling him.” Enjoy that moment below.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them opens on November 18, 2016.


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