Time Bending Doctor Strange Promos Link Hero to Larger Marvel Cinematic Universe

As we quickly approach Doctor Strange's November 4 premiere date, Marvel is making it clear that the weird, dimension-dissolving action that will mark Doctor Strange is still a part of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this trailer that the studio revealed on September 28, a direct reference was made to the Avengers by Wong (Benedict Wong), who explained to the newly minted metaphysical Doctor (Benedict Cumberbatch) that while the Avengers protect the planet from physical danger, it's up to men and women like Doctor Strange to safeguard against more "mystical threats." How mystical? Check out these two great promos:



Now in the last piece of Strange news, Marvel released a new promo on the good Doctor's Twitter page, reminding us that he works in the same world as the Avengers, and they might not be immune his time-rending, mind-bending ways. 


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