Looks Like a Spider-Man Sequel is Happening

The level of excitement generated from Tom Holland's small but potent turn as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War proved how well the casting job was. Holland was perfect in Civil War as the young Peter Parker, equal parts superhero and excitable teenager. Now word is out that Sony is already planning on a sequel to the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, which just recently wrapped shooting in New York City and doesn't debut until next summer. The deal Sony made with Marvel, bringing Spidey to their growing Marvel Cinematic Universe, was for one standalone film and that cameo in Civil War. Yet, when Holland was interviewed by WWD to promote his upcoming film The Lost City of Z, he said that Sony and Marvel are already discussing a sequel. He said they're already disucssing who the villain should be in the sequel. 

While this isn't particularly surprising considering Marvel has said they'd love to see Peter Park get the Harry Potter treatment (meaning, a whole franchise that bears witness to a young man's maturation), it's still nice to hear the studios are this optimistic about Spidey's future. It can only mean good things for what they think they have in Homecoming. 



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