Let Comedy Icon John Cleese Explain The Walking Dead to you

The long awaited season 7 premiere for The Walking Dead is nigh—this Sunday, October 23. While we’ve written extensively about how brutal the premiere is going to be (we interviewed actor Lennie James, who plays Morgan, and he warned us about it, then Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the homicidal Negan, went on the radio and he warned people about it), we haven’t gone back over the first six seasons for those of you who haven’t been paying attetnion. Frankly, that would be tough to do. And now, thankfully, we don’t have to.

Before you plunge back into the world of the undead, let comedy legend John Cleese fill you in on everything that’s happened up until now. Cleese worked with the UK-based streaming service Now TV to create this hilarious, and very informative, analysis of everything that’s happened up until this Sunday’s season 7 premiere. It’s as enjoyable as the time Samuel L. Jackson did the same for Game of Thrones


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