Doctor Strange Buzz: Some of the Best Action Scenes in Marvel History

Folks, first press screenings of Doctor Strange happened last night in New York City and Los Angeles, and while the full reviews are embargoed until Sunday, there's a ton of spoiler-free buzz out in the Twitterverse, and it's very, very positive. The action set pieces are said to be some of the best in Marvel history, and, in keeping with the Marvel formula, there's a lot of wit and humor.

Here's just a taste of what some film critics are saying about Doctor Strange on Twitter:

Josh Dickey/Mashable: DOCTOR STRANGE = YES on California Proposition 64 because I want some of whatever Marvel has been smoking and I want it stat. DOCTOR STRANGE magic makes HARRY POTTER’s look like parlour tricks. Dark & spooky psychedelic horrors, abracadabra wowie zowie. Loved it. Best of all, DOCTOR STRANGE’s characters are as multi-dimensional as they can be. Their setups & payoffs are dazzling sleights of hand.

Umberto Gonzalez/TheWrap: #DoctorStrange is SPELLBINDING! Hot movie! Great performances especially Cumberbatch as Strange, storytelling, & incredible visual effects!???? Guys, that movie is so lit! Feige is the real Sorcerer Supreme for consistently weaving Marvel magic & making these movies work!

Andy Signore/Screenjunkies: “Review #DoctorStrange is a wonderfully trippy, visually stunning origin story that intros great characters into the MCU & #CloakOfLevitation. Seriously the #CloakOfLevitation stole the movie for me – it’s its own wonderful character that I can’t wait to see more of ????”

Peter Sciretta of /Film: Doctor Strange’s action set pieces make an MC Escher paintings look tame. Some really great, clever, inventive stuff. Worth the 3D ticket alone. Cumberbatch owns Doctor Strange, the movie is funnier than I was expecting, a throwback to a pre-MCU Iron Man-like standalone story.

Steve Weintraub/Collider: DOCTOR STRANGE is unlike any previous Marvel movie and that’s why I love Marvel. They keep pushing boundaries and make it look easy. Visuals in DOCTOR STRANGE are fantastic. Actually worth seeing in 3D. Cumberbatch is great as the Sorcerer Supreme. DOCTOR STRANGE has two after the credits scenes like most Marvel movies. They both set up future things…trying to stay spoiler free. not going to say DOCTOR STRANGE is the best Marvel movie. It’s not. But it’s an awesome Doctor Strange movie with visuals that will floor u.



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