Fans Create Gonzo Rogue One Film Using Star Wars Toys

Here's chapter two of a four-part stop-motion mini-movie (and we do mean mini) featuring toys, both large and small, based on characters from Rogue One. (You can check out chapter one here.) This ingenious second chapter of the Go Rogue fan film gives us our first glimpse at the toy-version of Director Krennic, while re-introducing us to the rebels who plan to steal the Death Star plans, lead by Jyn Erso. It's a cleverly made short, including what we believe might even be a nod to Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction (we're probably imagining this, but at the 2:22 mark watch as Jyn opens up a glowing case that looks just a little like the briefcase everyone's after in Tarantino's 1994 epic) and a whole lot of galaxy-spanning action. 

Go Rogue has given Star Wars fans the opportunity to create their own "Rogue Stories," using the Rogue One toys to make mini movies based on Gareth Edwards upcoming film. As we mentioned earlier, LucasFilm has long supported fan-made films, skits, and more. Who can forget Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager?

We love this disclaimer they added to the YouTube boilerplate: "This video uses special effects. The toys cannot move or talk on their own."


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