We Cannot Wait for This Show: Behold the new Luke Cage Trailer

We shared the first Luke Cage teaser with you in July, and now fans of Mike Colter, the man who made such an impact as Luke Cage in Jessica Joneshas his first proper trailer for his stand-alone Netflix series. Folks, this show look awesome. The unbreakable superhero has some seriously good company; the great Alfre Woodard as Mariah Dillard, Mahershala Ali as Cornell Stokes (aka Cottonmouth), Theo Rossi as Shades, Simone Missick as Misty Knight, and Frank Whaley as Scarfe. 

This is the most sustained look we've gotten at Cage and his environs, which include more of Misty Knight and, drum roll please, Mahershala Ali's Harlem villain Cottonmouth. And most importantly, we see Colter doing his thing as Cage, making people stupid enough to attack him pay in a major way. We also catch a glimpse of how Cage became Cage (in a brief shot of him emerging from a tank, where he was kept "like some fish" and "came out with abilities.") What makes Luke Cage a great superhero is how, like his one-time flame Jessica Jones, he doesn't really want to go around stomping on villains. But with Harlem residents getting squeezed, intimidated and robbed by Cottonmouth and his goons, Cage has no choice but to enter the fray and defend his city. 

"The whole neighborhood is yapping about how two goons got the beat down last night," says Frankie Faison's pop, owner of the barbershop that acts as Cage's home away from home. 

Cage smiles, turns the page in his book (Walter Mosley's "Little Green," by the way, about detective Easy Rawlins), and says, "I heard it was four guys."

Yeah, we're ready for this show.


Featured image: Mike Colter is Luke Cage. Courtesy Netflix.


Bryan Abrams

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