Japan’s New Godzilla Movie Trailer is Stunning

Shin Gojira—which is Godzilla Resurgence to you non Japanese speakers—is about to premiere there. It’s the 31st film in the franchise, and the 29th Godzilla film produced by the legendary Toho Studios. Co-directed by Hideki Anno and Shinji Higuchi, this latest Godzilla film boasts two stunning trailers that do a whole lot with very little dialogue and haunting images.

The premise is this: When the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line mysteriously floods and collapses (the line is a bridge-tunnel combo that runs across Tokyo bay), Japan's Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Rando Yaguchi believes this was no man-made structural mishap or a natural disaster—this cataclysm was caused by a living creature. Naturally, his claims are shrugged off by Japan's Prime Minister, who believes the collapse was caused by a natural disaster. Soon, everyone finds out that the Aqua-Line is only the first of many Tokyo landmarks that will be destroyed, and what's bringing them down is worse than any typhoon.

From the music and the very opening shot of Godzilla, from below, with his left claw in the foreground, this latest trailer shows just how comfortable Toho Studios and directors Anno and Higuchi are with this material. By the time the military gets involved, it looks like nothing will bring the world's most notorious beast down.

Shin Gojira opens in Japan on July 29, and will be coming to America later this year.


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