Every Captain America Ever, Part V: 2010 to 2016

Last week we covered Marvel's glorious video ode to Captain America as a part of their celebration of Cap's 75th anniversary. Their miniseries “All Versions of Captain America” detailed the Cap's rise, from his creation in 1941 throughout the decades, as he reflected the fortunes of a rapidly changing America, from World War II through Vietnam, the Cold War, and right into modern times.  You can check out parts I, II, III and IV if you haven't already. Today, we present the last video in the series, taking Captain America to today.

We think you'll be very interested in the iteration of Cap in 2011 (a version of him from the future, a man of mixed heritage) and Old Man Steve Rogers from 2015, who dons a robotic battlesuit.

Check out the final installment below.


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