Every Captain America Ever From 1941 to 1964—Part I

Marvel got into the holiday spirit over the 4th of the July by honoring the most patriotic of all superheroes—Captain America. Beginning with Steve Rogers first appearance in "Captain America, Comics #1" in March 1941 when the young Rogers tried to join the American effort against the Axis powers in World War II (as you probably know, Rogers failed to pass the physical requirements, but once he joined Operation: Rebirth, he'd never fail a physical test again) and taking us all the way to 1964, when Namor the Sub-Mariner finds a group of Inuit people worshipping a man frozen in a block of ice (one guess who that man was). 

It's a great look at the various ways artists rendered one of Marvel's most iconic creations, and a fitting tribute to a character who many feared would be too traditional for our hyper-connected, highly contentious times, but who has turned out to be the star of the best of Marvel solo superhero films, and the linchpin to the Avengers films as well. We'll check back in with Part II when they release it. 


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