Dissecting the Justice League Comic-Con Teaser

"Arthur Curry…I know you can talk to fish." Folks, if you haven't seen this new Justice League teaser that premiered at Comic-Con, here's your first look. Let's discuss.

Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) is on a mission to recruit a team of superpowered friends in order to battle a threat he knows is coming. So, in the first seconds of Warner Bros. Justice League teaser, we get our introduction to Jason Momoa's Aquaman, aka Arthur Curry, with Affleck's Wayne traveling to what looks like an old village to track down the mythic hero. In Justice League's telling, Aquaman isn't at all like Batman or Superman, battling bad guys to save people—he's quietly, humbly making sure people don't starve to death by bringing them fish. Intriuging.

Then we see the mysterious 'Mother Box' being buried. What's the 'Mother Box'? Good question! This thing is a piece of alien technology that we first saw in the theatrical cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as the item that turned Victor Stone (Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher) into…well, that thing, on the surveillance footage stolen from Lex Luthor's server. It was also glimpsed in the deleted scene called 'Communion' that's in the film's Ultimated Edition. Who's burying it and why is a question that Justice League will no doubt answer.

And how about the handsome, super human Victor Stone? It's unexpected, considering the last time we saw him in Batman v Superman, he was pretty well beat up. This could be a flashback to a pre-accident Cyborg, or, this could mean that the Cyborg of Justice League is like the Cyborg of the recent comics, able to use technology to become his all-human self, therefore keeping people from freaking out about the fact that a half man, half robot thing is walking around.  

And then there's Ezra Miller's Barry Allen! Now this is what Justice League needed after B v S's super somber tone; an actor with comedic timing to spare. 

The only person missing from this teaser? Yup, it's Superman—but we're pretty sure the Man of Steel isn't going to miss the fun for long.


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