Batman: The Killing Joke Releases Great Clip

For fans of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's stunning "Batman: The Killing Joke" one-shot graphic novel, news of the upcoming R-rated animated adatpation from Sam Liu (co-director of Batman: Year One) has been manna from heaven (or the Joker's hell). The film will play in theaters for one night only, then it will get its DVD and Blu-Ray release the following week. Now we get a glimps at the first clip, which hints at the source material's pitch black tone without giving away much of how dark Liu has gone with his adaptation.  

The Film brings back Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill return to the roles of Bruce Wayne and The Joker (Hamill's voice work as The Joker has long been phenomenal.) The clip shows Batman heading to Arkham Asylum on a fool's errand; he's there to try and reason with The Joker. The clip begins at the 3:57 mark. Enjoy the clip from Batman: The Killing Joke:

Featured image: The Joker from Batman: The Killing Joke, courtesy Warner Bros. Animation.


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