Watch This The Conjuring 2 Stunt Terrify Some Brazilians

Director James Wan worked with the Brazilian hidden camera prank show Câmera Escondida for this The Conjuring 2 stunt, which used scenes from the film to inspire some righteous scares. These people getting the fear of the devil put into them do not appear to be actors, even though you have to wonder what they thought was going to happen when they walked into a room that creepy, with a motionless woman in white heaped on the bed.

The first big freak out comes at the 3:02 mark, and it hardly stops there. For the next six minutes you get to enjoy one person after another get spooked by the possessed bed-ridden girl, the moving furniture, the spinning crosses, and a nun who is not there to help. Granted, it's hard to believe people wouldn't know they were walking into a scare scenario, but put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if you, too, wouldn't have a minor cardiac episode.

The Conjuring 2 comes out today. 


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