Suicide Squad‘s Second new Teaser: Worst Heroes Ever

We've already shared the first new teaser that Warner Bros. dropped for Suicide Squad last night during game three of the NBA Finals. Here's the second teaser they released, with a few new shots that we'll call (pun warning) eye-popping. What's the pun? Pause the teaser at the 9 second mark and you'll get the joke. At the 15 second mark, you'll find a cool shot of a helicopter releasing, well, something into the atmosphere we're guessing is not perfume, and also at the 15 second mark (yes, it's practically a subliminal image), there's a weird shot of two figures in a greenish pool.

This weirdness is all very promising. And Warner Bros. has done a Disney-like job in keeping a lot of the key elements of Suicide Squad, namely, the Joker, under wraps. 

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5. 


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