Marvel Kicks off “Stark Week” With Video Detailing Iron Man’s Various Suits

Marvel officially kicked off “Stark Week” Monday by introducing a daily miniseries called “All Versions of Iron Man.” It’s kind of like Shark Week, except it has absolutely nothing to do with sharks and everything to do with the fan-favorite superhero Ton Stark's wardrobe choices.

The first installment of “Every Suit Ever” highlighted a few of Tony Stark’s many intricate suits of armor, from the Mark I, his original suit that debuted in 1963 and was simply essential for survival, to the weapon-heavy Neuromimetic suit from 30 years later.

Part two debuted Tuesday and covered the next decade of Iron Man, including suits like Modular, Prometheum and Thorbuster, which was designed specifically to absorb energy released from the fellow Avenger’s dangerous hammer.   

Stark Week continues tomorrow with part three of Tony Stark’s style evolution, but you can catch up with parts one and two below.

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