Game of Thrones Quiz: Inside “The Winds of Winter”

Yesterday we took a deep dive into "The Winds of Winters," the season 6 finale, mapping out the incredible amount of action and revelation that spread across the seven kingdoms. In this 9 minute featurette released by HBO, we hear from showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff about the many motivations and relationships that set this thrilling finale into motion. In the video, you'll find most of the answers you'll need to our questions, but see how well you can do before you watch it. Are you a GoT Grand Maester, with knowledge aplenty about the realm? Or, are you more of a Gregor Clegane, throttling your enemies without a ton of deep thought (or any, really) about your surroundings?

All the answers are beneath the video as well. 

1) While some of you might have been surprised by Cersei detonating dozens of casks of wildfire beneath the Sept of Baelor and obliterating it, D.B. Weiss reminds us they'd been hinting at the wildfire's existence all season long. Can you remember when it's been mentioned?

2) Which character confronts Cersei about her lack of friends, supporters and any real power earlier this season, and asks this rhetorical question; "Are you going to kill everyone yourself?"

3) The scene in which Jon Snow is proclaimed the King of the North was made in such a way to evoke a similar scene with Robb Stark. Obviously Jon Snow's scene took place in Winterfell. Where was Robb Stark proclaimed the King of the North?

4) Arya Stark gets her revenge on Walder Frey in a major way by feeding him his two sons before cutting his throat. Yet this, too, was hinted at in previous episodes in the form of a grisly story that Bran Stark tells in the season 3 finale. Who is this story about?

5) We know Jon is Lyanna Stark's son now, and if it's true that his father is Rhaegar Targaryen, that would make Daenerys his…


1) Jaime and Brienne discuss the stockpiles of wildfire beneath King's Landing as far back as episode 2.

2) Olenna

3) A military encampment during the opening stages of the War of the Five Kings. 

4) The Rat Cook—he was a chef in the Night's Watch who got revenge at the Andal king who had done him wrong by killing his son and serving his flesh as bacon.

5) Aunt!


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