Director James Wan Lets you Peek Into his Scare Machine in The Conjuring 2

Director James Wan (Furious 7, The Conjuring) knows how to scare the pants off people. For The Conjuring 2the director got his start with a little film called Sawa shocking gore-fest/psychological thriller that pushed audiences about as far as they thought they could go. Yet he proved with 2013's surprise hit The Conjuring that he could get you to the edge of your seat (or hide behind your fingers) without hardcore gore. Subtle camera movements, excellent production and sound design, both practical and special effects and exquisite pacing could do the trick. It helps to have great actors, as The Conjuring and The Conjurign 2 have in Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson and more.

In this featurette, Wan explains how what he's wanted to do with The Conjuring movies is "bring respect back to studio horror films." Perhaps more so than any other genre, to make a great horror film requires an intensely thoughtful approach. Where you place the camera, the sounds you choose to amplify (and those you dull), the way a character moves or speaks, the light (or lack thereof), the work of foley artists and sound designers…the most minute detail is crucial to eliciting the responses that the genre demands; dread, fear and excitement. Watch how Wan and his team managed to ratchet up the tension in The Conjuring 2 this featurette.

The film opens June 10.


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