Blake Lively Battles a Great White in The Shallows

While real life encounters between humans and great whites mostly involve marine biologists, shark cages, and a metric ton of safety equipment, in the movies, great whites have been stalking and devouring us since the Steven Spielberg unleashed Jaws on us in 1975. That's the case again in The Shallowswhere a grieving young woman (Blake Lively) is out for a meditative bit of surfboarding when a certain super predator gets between her and the land.

What looks fun about The Shallows is how paired-down it is; it's just woman vs. shark, with the woman appearing resourceful, brave and, by the end of this trailer, mighty pissed off. Another nice touch is Lively's character isn't marooned out to sea, she's just 200 yards from the beach, but she's got a great white on her hands that will just not leave her alone. 

And The Shallows has some decent company for minimalist ocean tragedy tales—if you haven't watched Open Water before, give it a whirl, but definitely not before you plan on doing any scuba diving.

The Shallows swims into theaters on June 24.


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