This Trailer for Russian Superhero Film is Exactly as Insane as You’d Hope

If a Russian film crew were making their version of Deadpoolsay, or perhaps Captain America: Civil Warwe're fairly certain it would include a Grizzly bear-man hybrid with a machine gun. Because, folks, that's exactly what you get in this incredible trailer for Guardians (Zaschitniki), which focuses on an team of superheroes saving Russia from bad guys. While the CGI isn't on the level of what we're used to here in the good old US of A, the Russians get points for style. And insanity.  

A hat tip to Slate for clueing us in on the existence of Guardians, which includes a superhero by the name of the Russian Bear, who is exactly what you think he is, and a whole lot of wacky action that feels, somehow, irreducibly Russian. 



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