This new X-Men: Apocalypse Clip Explores Mystery of En Sabah Nur

The central premise in X-Men: Apocalypse is that the very first mutant (your titular Apocalypse, played by Oscar Isaac) is also the most powerful, and now that he's awoken, he's gathering his four horsemen (four powerful mutants whose abilities increase exponentially under Apocalypse's care) and planning on tearing apart the world so it can be rebuilt with mutants in their rightful spot atop the food chain. 

In this new clip released by 20th Century Fox, this premise is treated like a reality that a TV series called "In Search Of" plans to explore, hosted by the late, great Leonard Nimoy, and narrated by Nimoy’s Star Trek costar George Takei. It looks at the mysterious appearance, and disappearance, of En Sabah Nur, the bringer of death who also goes by another name; Apocalypse.  Check it out.


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