New Captain America: Civil War Clips Shows Ant-Man Introduction

As we near the May 6 premiere date for Captain America: Civil Warwe're being inundated with new teasers, trailers and clips. We've seen Cap, Falcon and the Scarlet Witch infiltrate some kind of facility. We've been taken back in time to how it all began for the leaders of the warring factions in Civil War, Cap and Iron Man. We even got a few seconds of new footage of Black Panther in action. And then there's buzz from last Friday's press screening of the film out in Los Angeles—folks, it seems people really like this film.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the deluge of Civil War material continued with Paul Rudd and crew showing this clip of Ant-Man's introduction to Cap, Falcon and the rest of Team Captain America. One of the things most of those in attendance at the L.A. premiere were most jazzed about was how fun, and funny, Civil War managed to be despite the fact that the film's about friends fighting each other. (That, and apparently Spider-Man steals the show). You get the sense of how light on its feet this film could be in this introduction between an obviously impressed Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) and a slightly leery Steve Rogers (Chris Evans).


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