The King of Monsters Returns in Godzilla Resurgence Trailer

The King of Monsters is baaaaaack. Toho Pictures has just released their Godzilla Resurgence trailer, marking the 29th Godzilla film from the King of Monsters creator. The film will hit the big screen in Japan July 29, with a domestic release here yet to be announced.

Godzilla Resurgencewas co-directed by Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi, with Anno writing the screenplay and Higuchi overseeing the special effects. Higuchi has said that this film will be much darker than previous Toho Godzilla movies, owing to realities in the world at larger, including terrorist attacks and natural disasters. 

The big screen sequel to Gareth Edwards’ 2014 Godzilla is due on June 8, 2018, with potential Godzilla foes Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah showing up.


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