Final Game of Thrones Promo Asks “Are You Afraid?”

"Whoever you are, wherever you go, someone wants to murder you." This is the opening line in what we think is the final promo for Game of Thrones season six, which premieres, in case you haven't heard, this Sunday, April 24. The line's delivered by the show's chief realist—Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage)—and as he speaks it we see a dead Jon Snow on a concrete slab, followed by a rousing montage depicting the various folks (and White Walkers) throughout the seven kingdoms and beyond who do, in fact, want to murder each other. From a split second moment of Cersei in the throes of passion, to a shot of a terrified Sansa out in the snowy hinterlands of Winterfell, from Ramsay Bolton smiling on the battlefield to Daenerys being whipped like some commoner by her Dothraki captors, season six finds just about all the main characters in extremis. When Tyrion asks "Are you afraid?" at the promo's end, he could be talking to just about anyone on the show. Season six of GoT cannot come soon enough.



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