Super Bowl 50: Jason Bourne is Back

The team behind Bourne 5 has kept the film as mysterious as the skills the titular hero woke up having in the very first movie. The return of Matt Damon to the title role, along with The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass, meant that whatever the film was going to be, people, like us, were going to be extremely interested. Now, thanks to this Super Bowl 50 spot, we've got just a touch more to work with, including a brand new title; Jason Bourne. 

There was nothing wrong with the work that Jeremy Renner did in The Bourne Legacy, a fine action film, but the Bourne series is Damon's, and having him and Greengrass back after nearly a decade makes Jason Bourne one of the most exciting action films on the 2016 slate. As this Super Bowl teaser reminds us, nobody does realistic ass-kicking quite as well as Damon. Bourne most certainly is back.


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