Star Wars: The Force Awakens Mysteries Answered

We love when Screen Rant puts together their video essays, and this one, titled “10 Amazing Movie Mysteries Finally Answered,” doesn’t disappoint. This video tackles questions you might have had about films as disparate as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Captain America: Winter Soldier and The Lion King. What’s great about it isn’t that Screen Rant is revealing, say, who Rey’s parents are in The Force Awakens (that would be pure speculation, anyway, but they do broach the subject), but rather, they’re using the surrounding materials (novels, comics, etc.) to help explain certain facets of these films that might not have made much sense to you when you saw them. For example, if the rebels destroyed the Death Star and killed the Empire’s key leaders in The Return of the Jedi, what happened in the next 30-years so that when The Force Awakens begins, the rebels have become the resistance and there's a brand new, massive army called The First Order trying to destroy them? And what was Nala doing in The Lion King waaaaay out in the jungle when she finds a grown up Simba and urges him to come back? (The answer to this question is unusually dark). And how did Batman make it back from the subterranean prison Bane sends him to in The Dark Knight Rises to Gotham without any transportation or money or even identification to cross an international border? And why didn’t Jack and Rose both try to fit on the floating door at the end of Titanic when it clearly looked big enough to hold them? 

Screen Rant’s got your answers to these questions and more in this video:


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