Lightsabers, James Bond’s Aston Martin and Scarlett Johansson: Your Friday Video Roundup

From James Bond’s car to’s list of the 10 best lightsabers, we’ve got your Friday video roundup here. 

Yesterday,’s editorial staff released this video of their ranking of the 10 best lightsabers in the galaxy—do you agree with their assessment?

Oh James, you should have thought of this before you got behind the wheel of your tricked-out Aston Martin in Spectre.

Screen Rant’s at it again with this “10 Amazing Details Hidden in Movie Credits” video, including a super cool/creepy note dropped in RoboCop’s final crawl. 

Gotham has dropped this little teaser titled “Wrath of the Villains” to prep you for its’ return on February 29.

Can you think of anyone better to play a “sycnrocnized swimming-type of movie star” in the Coen Brothers Hail, Caesar! than Scarlett Johansson? Yeah, neither can we. If knowing the Coen Brothers directed the film isn’t enough to get you to buy a ticket, Johansson as Deeanna Moran sure should be.

You may have heard Deadpool is finally premiering next a week from today, on Friday 12, right? Right. Here's yet another little taste of what's to come.



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