Director Tim Miller Talks What Makes Deadpool Special in new IMAX Featurette

Deadpool will finally deliver all the quips, banter and NSFW bon mots we've been enjoying in tiny bites as a full scale, feature length meal on Friday, February 12. Director Tim Miller, who has been attached to the project since 2009, explains in this new featurette why Deadpool is the perfect Marvel hero for right now. And this being an IMAX featurette, Miller also explains why the film’s best seen on the biggest of big screens.

“I’m not some Hollywood director who decided to jump on the comic book bandwagon,” says Miller. “I’m a pretty hardcore fan, 400-a-month habit.” Miller discusses what makes Deadpool a grounded character, like the fact he lives in a crappy apartment and deals with crappy people. In fact, Wade Wilson generally seems to live, save for the enhanced abilities he's given after the brutal operation that turns him into Deadpool, like the rest of us. Miller’s basically saying he’s the anti Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne. Here's a superhero who has probably had to decide between buying milk and buying beer, because he couldn't afford both.

(You know Wade Wilson would choose beer.)

Check out the featurette below.



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