Check Out the Full-Length Trailer for Fuller House

The first full-length trailer for Netflix’s Fuller House is here, transporting us back to the ‘90s – an era that seems so much more sane, even if at the time it surely didn't.

Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber visited Ellen this morning and following a discussion with the talk show icon, shared an exclusive new clip. The trailer reunites most of the original Tanner clan (plus Kimmy Gibbler) and welcomes a few new faces (Kimmy’s daughter and DJ’s sons to mention but a few). 

The show’s premise is that DJ (Cameron Bure) moves back to her childhood home to raise her three sons on her own, but by the looks of things they will not be “all on their own” once Stephanie  (Sweetin) and Kimmy (Barber) move back in to the Tanner Victorian townhouse that is busting at the seams.

Even though Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) will not be making an appearance this season, the ladies said the door is wide open for a guest spot.

The reboot has countless catch-phrases, classic family time and some fantastic dance moves. So for fans of a certain age, you just need to wait until February 26th to break out your Tamagotchi, do the Macarena and watch Fuller House. Check out the 2:30 mark on this “EllenTube” video for a sneak peak.

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