“Stop Hating Yourself”: Love is Coming to Netflix

Time to start planning for the next big celebration holiday – Valentine’s Day. This year the chocolates and flower will arrive on Sunday, February 14th. The folks from Apatow Productions and Legendary Television have found a way extend that lovin’ feeling with their new 10-episode series for Netflix with the timely title – Love.

Netflix released the first teaser, a 21-second series of statements in bright red against a deep red backdrop: “In 2016, Be Grateful, Stop Judging, Be Less Insane, Remember To Meditate, Eat Gluten Again, Stop Hating Yourself, Have More Sext, Use Real Deodorant, Fix Breath Issue, Breath Deeper, Cradle Your Rage, Hate Less, Be Interesting, Get A Weed Card, Wash Your Car, Read Infinite Jest, What’s Recyclable?, Take Less Ambien, Stop Googling Her, Show More Boob, Stop Googling Him, Stop Whining, Drink Tap Water, Here We Go” followed by graphic play with the word “LOVE”. Oh just watch it:

So what does it all mean? This is a romantic comedy exploring relationships through the characters Mickey and Gus played by actors Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust. The description on the Netflix site: “They’ve had plenty of romantic misses. But when a jaded Angeleno meets a nerdy guy, they may figure out this “love” thing. Co-created by Judd Apatow.”

Love is set to debut on February 19. The show has a two-season order. The second season will expand to 12-episodes.

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