The Ratter Trailer Depicts Your Worst Tech Nightmare

Sony Pictures dropped the first trailer for Ratter, a nasty little piece of business that takes our dependency on technology and makes it terminal. Ratter stars Pretty Little Liars' Ashley Benson as a graduate student living in her first New York apartment (don't dwell on the fact the apartment looks incredible and would cost an ungodly sum), loving the city and her new life, until a stalker uses all the technology that keeps her connected to the world to terrorize her. The film's title refers to the acronym for a kind of malware known as Remote Access Trojan, which a user will inadvertently download and grant a hacker undetected access to their Internet-enabled devices. The conceit is simple, and the execution, according to the critics who saw the film at Slamdance last year, is thrilling. Director Branden Kramer shot the film exclusively from the perspective of the devices (like 2014's Skype-horror Unfriended), and as the trailer shows, when every piece of technology you rely on has effectively been turned on you, feelings of isolation and horror is soon to follow. And that's before the creep is knocking at your door.

Ratter hits theaters on March 1. 


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