New Batman v Superman Trailer Nods at Wonder Woman’s Secret Identity

After releasing a few new TV spots for Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeWarner Bros. dropped a new trailer on us. Most of the footage you've seen before, but there's one intriguing sequence at the 58 second mark, which happens to be the main image fronting the trailer below. Have a look.

So what's the big deal about seeing Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) onboard a Turkish Airlines flight (note how clearly visible the airline's logo is in the above shot)? It means Wonder Woman, as Diana Prince, is pulling a Clark Kent and moving about Earth under cover (the same can't really be said for Bruce Wayne, who really is Bruce Wayne, super rich and rage-prone human, and not a super-powered extraterrestrial in need of a human identity). As Donna Dickens of HitFix speculates, Wonder Woman's stand alone film is at least partially set during WWI, and Batman v Superman is taking place now, so Dickens asks whether or not Wonder Woman hasn't been living off Earth for some of that time, and if so, she must be coming and going as Diana Prince. "Comic book Wonder Woman treks back and forth between the human realm and Themyscira on a regular basis," she writes. "Which may very well bee what’s happening here. I mean, the production team didn’t just pull “Turkish Airlines” out of a hat of exotic locations. Diana is coming (or going) somewhere specific."

You can read the full extent of Dickens speculation on where Diana Prince might be headed here, as well as Turkish Airlines announcement that they are indeed the official airline sponsor of Batman v Superman, and a Turkish airlines 777 is used in a "pivotal" scene in the film.


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