Justice League Reveals First Looks at Aquaman, Cyborg & The Flash

As part of the The CW's "DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League” special that revealed the first footage of Wonder Woman in action in her own film (it only took 75 years), there were a whole bunch of other reveals worth mentioning. We'll let the clips do the talking.

Here's the first look at Aquamanstarring Jason Momoa in the title role. In the pop culture firmament, Aquaman's had a bit of a tough run. It didn't help this was the character Vincent Chase played in Entourage, considering how ridiculous Adrian Grenier look in those fake ads and the footage they showed from the film-within-the-show. Aquaman, whose mortal name is Arthur Curry, is the son of a lighthouse keeper (naturally) and the Queen of Atlantis (nice catch for a lighthouse keeper!) who not only protects the oceans, but he uses the oceans power to fight bad dudes. He's hardly Robin, yet he gets as much guff. If anyone can change this, it's Jason Momoa, who was anything but a laughing stock as Drogo in Game of Thrones.


Next comes a peek at Victor Stone, he eventually becomes Cyborg, played by newcomer Ray Fisher. Cyborg's sort of the X-factor in the Justice League, considering so little is known about him in the larger world.  His origin story is gruesome; Stone was a high school athlete who got hideously maimed in an accident and was resuscitated by his scientist father, who pieces him back together, with some new, tougher parts.


Finally, here comes Barry Allen, better known as The Flash, played by Ezra Miller. Wait, doesn't he already have a show on The CW? Yes, yes he does. Only the movie Flash has nothing to do with the TV flash, save for having the exact same origin story. So if you're a fan of Grant Gustin as The Flash, you're probably going to be hard on poor Miller, who's not to blame! Nor is Miller to blame that the film version is very much like the TV version when it comes to the aforementioned origin story; Barry Allen is a forensic investigator who is struck (in a flash!) by lightning and finds himself to be super fast, able to literally walk on water, move through walls and access multiple dimensions. Not a bad tradeoff for getting fried.



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