A Wordless, Wild new Teaser for Batman v Superman

It's short and none too sweet, which is just how we'd like our Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser. In just 49 seconds our titular superheroes are introduced already very much living up to that "v" in the title. Have a look, then we'll dissect this brief but strangely satisfying teaser:

  • No soaring music here, just Batman (Ben Affleck), chained up alongside some fellow unfortunates in a dusty dungeon of sorts. 
  • So who are those other two chaps chained up next to Batman? The guy to Batman's left has a mask on.
  • Note how dusty and downright thrift store the batsuit looks in this scene. Which plays nicely to the notion that here's an regular guy in a costume who's daring to take on a god-like extraterrestrial. This must be where Lex Luthor Jr. (Jesse Eisenberg) comes in to help supply the Dark Knight with an appropriate Batsuit worthy of his new nemesis.  
  • When Superman (Herny Cavill) finally shows up, that facial expression is no joke. 
  • It took whole movies and many years for anyone to unmask Batman in the previous films—here, Superman does it in a little under 40 seconds.

Check back in with us on Wednesday, when the full trailer drops on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


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