Watch the Thrilling New Batman v Superman Trailer

We shared with you the dark, twisted little 40-second teaser on Monday, and now here's the first official Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. It's surprisingly funny and totally insanse (in a good way).  As always, we'll share the trailer with you first so you can take it all in, then we'll go through it and discuss some of the finer points. Welcome back to Gotham, folks—you're in for a wild ride.

  • Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) first meet at a party thrown by…Lex Luthor Jr. (Jesse Eisenberg)—as far as set ups go, this one is pretty great. And you have to love this line from Bruce, who doesn't appreciate Clark asking about this "vigilante" in Gotham roughing up criminals as if he's above the law, considering that in Clark's town (Capitol City), a flying, superpowered alien nearly destroyed the enter metropolis, yet in the Daily Planet every time Superman's mentioned, it's a puff piece. Clark says people would disagree, and then Bruce drops him with this beaut; "Maybe it's the Gotham City in me, we just have a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns." Ouch. 
  • A lot of good jokes here in the early going, including Luthor's remark after shaking Clark's hand and noticing his grip; "You should not pick a fight with this person."
  • We already knew that what brings Batman into the fight is that Wayne Tower is destroyed, which he blames Superman for. 
  • Alfred! At 1:31, we meet our new Alfred, going from legendary British actor Michael Caine in Christopher Nolan's bat trilogy to legendary British actor Jeremy Irons in director Zack Snyder's first dance with the dark cape—pretty great casting decision! 
  • Meanwhile, as always, Alfred's the voice of reason here, telling Bruce he can't win against Superman. But then we see, at 1:38, what Bruce's new batsuit looks like (no doubt with help from Luthor)—he intends to defeat Superman by essentially turning himself into mecha-Batman. 
  • "The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world," is what Luthor says at 1:44, and what really should be the film's logline.
  • Whoa—at 2:13 we get to Michael Shannon's return as General Zod, coming into the film feet first, in a body bag, but with Luthor explaining why he's back; "If man won't kill god, the devil will do it." So do Batman and Superman eventually team up to take down a reanimated (and most likely even more powerful) Zod?
  • Okay, at 2:25, is that Zod? That's definitely Zod, right? No, a quick DC Comics search on the web reveals (what you comic nerds already knew), this is DOOMSDAY.
  • At 2:38 it's…WONDER WOMAN (Gal Gadot)!!!!!?!?!?
  • Yup, Batman and Superman (and Wonder Woman!) are teaming up to take out the Zod-monster. So we've got a pretty good idea of the outline now: Batman fights Superman, loses (it really couldn't be any other way)—Luthor reanimates General Zod into a freakish super monster to try and kill Superman—Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman fight Zod-monster. Gotham and Capitol City, as always, pay the price.



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