Watch This New Star Wars: The Force Awakens “Legacy” Featurette

Wow, the notion that the "final" trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens aired during the Monday Night Football game on October 19 is totally laughable now, right? But we're not complaining. Check out this new featurette for The Force Awakens that premiered at Comic-Con Brazil, and we'll meet you below for a few thoughts.

  • Right off the bat, that shot of the very real Millennium Falcon is pretty incredible, right? 
  • At 25 seconds, we get more of the droid BB-8, who everyone is prepared to adore immediately, but let's not forgot R2D2, folks, okay? He's been sort of a big deal in the galaxy for a long, long time.
  • Whoa, very cool practical effect there at 26 seconds in—note how when that gentlemen fits the droids head in place, it's eyes light up.
  • Even the actors are amazed at the Millennium Falcon, as John Boyega makes clear at 45 seconds in.
  • Some fresh action shots here at 1:10.
  • Finsihing in hyperdrive—a nice touch.


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