The new Deadpool Trailer is a Naughty Christmas Gift

In case you missed the 12th Day of Deadpool and 20th Century Fox's gift to all you R-rated Marvel fans, we've got a belated Christmas gift for you. Behold, the full trailer for the Ryan Reynolds-led Deadpool, and this one is even SFW (if you happen to be in the office). We get way more backstory into how Wade Wilson becomes Deadpool, we meet his cool new friends, find out a bit more about his "best girl" and see what happens when the Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) stops texting and starts kicking butt. If you're hankering for the red band trailer, click here and enjoy the Merch with the Mouth at his most curse word spewing, gleefuly NSFW-able worst. 


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