HBO Reveals New Shots From Game of Thrones Season 6

While this montage video is mostly a look back at yet another successful year for HBO, there are a few choice moments from season six of Game of Thrones. Have a look and then join us after for a quick breakdown.

  • There's Daenerys, hair untied and wild (rare for her), looking pensive. 
  • There's the awful Ramsay Bolton on horseback—having not read the books we can only pray he meets his death this season!
  • There's Cersei embracing Tommen, the most ineffectual man-boy to ever sit on the Iron Throne.
  • Unlike last week's teaser, there's no Jon Snow, but there is some old footage of him, with none other than Melisandre’s voiceover stating, “There’s power in you. Do you feel it?” Once again HBO teases us with the "is he or isn't he dead" mischief, as lots of people are sure it'll be Melisandre and her access to the Lord of Light's magic that will bring Jon Snow back, a fact plainly understood and gamely utilized by HBO here. 


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