Bigger is Better in the new Deadpool IMAX Promo & Poster

The 12 Days of Deadpool ends with a new trailer on Christmas Day, and here on day 10, Century Fox has revealed the official IMAX poster and promo for the Merch with the Mouth's upcoming film. Starring Ryan Reynolds as the fourth wall breaking, genetically modified titular star, Deadpool has let Fox flex their social media and buzz generating muscle by making the most of their R-rated superhero flick. From their slightly insane Halloween video to the decision to allow Deadpool break the fourth wall and address the viewer directly, the studio has embraced the unusual Marvel source material (Tony Stark likes to quip, too, but he's more glib than potentially nuts, like Deadpool's Wade Wilson is) and produced a string of weird, fun promos and teasers. 

Even the official IMAX poster, which we've got below, is tongue in cheek. It's not often (actually, it's never) that you get to see the hero of your film riding on the shoulders, literally, of another character, in this case Colossus. The new trailer is sure to add a whole bunch of NSFX-mas dinner material. Check out the promo and poster here:


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