Incredible New Footage in Star Wars: The Force Awakens Japanese Trailer

The very first shot in the Japanese version of the Stars Wars: Force Awakens trailer is one we've never seen, and it's a breathtaking measure of scale. There's Rey, standing in the desert of Jakku looking into one of the engines of a downed Starship, and she is a tiny, tiny thing. This version of the trailer offers more shots of BB-8 and a doozy of a new shot at the 37-second mark—a squadron of  TIE fighters fly towards us set against a huge setting sun, which bears a striking resemblance to the Japanese flag (we're obviously reading way too much into this). There's actually more dialogue in this version, including the moment Rey and Finn meet, and a great POV shot from what we assume is the vantage of BB-8 while co-piloting an X-Wing.

Then, there's a few major new moments that we don't want to spoil for you coming at the end—this trailer is far from just "the Japanese version"—with these new shots, some of them clearly very crucial scenes from the film, this feels like a new trailer.



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