Stephen Colbert Accurately Predicts Entire Plot of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Okay, he doesn't, but that doesn't stop this Star Wars superfan (and close personal friend to director J.J. Abrams…despite "not knowing what J.J. stands for") from speculating on the entire plot of The Force Awakens after watching the final trailer.

The funny thing (well, one of the funny things) is how demonstrably not insane this is. Colbert is a legitimate Star Wars geek, and there's already been speculation about previously good characters becoming evil (although it's doubtful Luke is going over to the dark side, and no, Kylo Ren is not Luke Skywalker, mainly because Kylo Ren is played by Adam Driver). Colbert's point about how the dark side was never "explicitly tied to the Empire" because "the Force itself exists outside mere temporal authority structures" is both hilariously overblown and technically quite accurate. You remember how little Darth Vader cared for one of the Empire's executives, Admiral Motti, in the first Star Wars. 

Colbert really may be onto something here.


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