New The Last Witch Hunter Clip Emphasizes Sound Design

Vin Diesel’s voice alone qualifies as a marvel of sound design. The man’s deep, gravely timber is so absurdly manly that moviegoers about lost their minds when it was paired with the sentient tree-creature Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. Diesel says all of five words in the movie, yet his work helped turn Groot into one of the most beloved sci-fi brutes since Chewbacca.

From the Fast & Furious franchise to The Chronicles of Riddick, when Diesel’s in a film he uses that growl to emphasize his alpha status to whoever might be challenging him in a given scene. In the last clip from Lionsgate’s The Last Witch Hunter, the sound design takes center stage, creating an other-worldly sonic palette as Diesel, as Kaulder, fights for his life. In this clip, Diesel doesn’t say a word, but one knows that when he does speak, it’s a sound effect all on it’s own.

Featured image: Vin Diesel stars as ‘Kaulder’ in THE LAST WITCH HUNTER. Photo Credit: Scott Garfield


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