Batman v Superman: Check Out Lex Luthor’s New Operating System

Lex Luthor Jr. is really implementing an aggressive media campaign lately. First, there was the fawning profile of the young genius in Fortune Magazine, and now there’s this—LexCorp released an ad announcing their brand new “LexOS…the world’s most private and secure operating system.” The ad is hilariously spot-on, from the smoky, so-earnest-it’s-weirdly-threatening voiceover to the geometric nonsense of the visuals, Warner Bros. is crushing the tech company parodies in these last two viral marketing promos for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

What we can be pretty confident about is that Lex Luthor Jr (Jesse Eisenberg) and his LexCorp will be intimately involved with turning Batman (Ben Afflect) against Superman (Henry Cavill), and perhaps it’s LexCorp, not Wayne Enterprises, that turns the Batsuit into the glowing-eyed, heavily armored version we’ve seen in the trailer.


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