Watch Michael Fassbender as Macbeth Face the Three Witches

This is the moment when things begin to change inside Macbeth (Michael Fassbender). Having dutifully served as a general to King Duncan (David Thewlis), killing the traitor Macdonwald in a fierce battle with Macdonwald’s rebel forces, Macbeth comes upon three figures in the gloom after the battle. These are the three witches who first put the thought in Macbeth's head that it is he, not King Duncan, who will be the Thane of Cowdor and King of Scotland. In director Justin Kurzel's evocatively shot, gritty adaptation of Shakespeare's swiftest, most brutal tragedy, Macbeth already wowed critics in Cannes and is one of a number of films coming out this December that is worth getting very excited about.

The cast is exemplary, including the aforementioned Fassbender and Thewlis, Lady Macbeth is played by none other than Marion Cotillard. Watch Macbeth's fateful encounter below.


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