Watch CineFix’s Shot-for-Shot Remake of the Deadpool Trailer

CineFix’s “Homemade” series is pretty fantastic. The amount of work that must go into their lovingly crafted remakes of movies, trailers and original songs is staggering. They create these shot-for-shot remakes at home, and without any special effects. They’re also open to you creating your own homemade remakes and sharing it with them (just please, be sensible and do not try to do a shot-for-shot remake of, say, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation).

Their latest creation is for the hugely popular Deadpool trailer. We suggest you watch their homemade version first, then watch the two versions side-by-side to fully appreciate the work that went into this. See below:

The Homemade Shot-for-Shot Remake

The two trailers side-by-side

Featured image: Ryan Reynolds stars in 'Deadpool.' Courtesy 20th Century Fox.


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