This Star Wars: The Force Awakens BB-8 Toy is Gonna be Huge

The company Sphero has unleashed a toy so adorable it may just blow your (or your 10-year old son's) mind. Behold, the already-beloved BB-8, now in miniature form, controllable from your Android or iOS device. Bow down to your new master:

You can drive your new BB-8, you can put the BB-8 in "patrol mode," its autonomous setting, so it can keep an eye on you while you raid the fridge (data on the BB-8's speed, path, and distance-traveled will be kept), and, you can record and watch Star Wars-style holographic messages in the app. Although the little BB-8 can't actually see where it's going (it doesn't have any sight sensors), you can look at the inevitable crashes and pratfalls as just one more reason to adore him.

Sphero CEO Paul Breberian told Engadget that BB-8 is "a connected toy," and that "as we get to learn more about the character, we can bring more to it." So perhaps those holograms will eventually emanate from the little droid instead of on the app? Maybe that's asking too much, but if you want to take BB-8 home with you, you'll probably have to act fast (and part with the $150 asking price). You can buy it here.


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