Let’s All Weep While Watching Downton Abbey Trailer for Season 6

As the cast and crew of Downton Abbey prepare to open their home to us for the final time, we can’t help but get emotional. ITV has released the newest trailer for the final season and it does not make saying farewell any easier. We will miss (oh, will we miss) the Dowager Countess’s one liners. Watch a few now and rejoice.

Or what about the love between Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson, and the entire Crawley family and staff? And the fact that it somehow resonates with a young American woman who has never interacted with a butler in her life?

As for the trailer for the final season, it's light on details, leaving us with lots of questions. We can see that there are big changes ahead, especially for the ladies. What it lacks in answers, it makes up for in sentiment. As the characters look towards the future and the changes to come, Lord Grantham says to Carson, the two of them together as always, “If I could stop history in its tracks, maybe I would… Neither you nor I can hold back time.” The one minute long Abbey trailer is set to the song “It’s Time to Say Goodbye,” and as Anna says to Lady Mary, “We have had our moments, haven’t we, milady?” one viewer was only stopped from shouting, "yes, yes we have!' by the fact that her co-workers would have become concerned.

Season five took placed from February to December, 1924, and covered how the family and staff dealt with their duties and choices as they altered to life in the Roaring Twenties. The season explored Mary’s relationship with Anthony Foyle and Charles Blake, Branson’s flirtation with Sarah Bunting, Edith’s pregnancy, and the aftermath of Rose’s broken engagement with Jack Ross.

Downton Abbey will pick up in 1925, six months after season 5’s finale. The show will premier in the UK on September 20th and on January 3rd in the US. Until then, anchored here on a lonely Tuesday, the Dowager Countess's greatest quip comes to mind—what's a weekend?

Featured image: The cast of Downton Abbey. Courtesy PBS