How Well do you Know Star Wars? Take Our Quiz

Recently the co-author of the book “Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know” shared some interesting facts about everyone’s favorite galaxy on We’re talking details you probably have never thought about (like how many credits a bounty hunter is being paid for a job, or, which docking bay Han Solo uses in Mos Eisley), but now that they’ve been gathered you may, like us, find yourself suddenly very curious about the hidden lifeforms living inside a clone’s nostril (seriously, they’ve done the research).

Obviously you don’t need to know this stuff, but, there are some truly interesting facts here. One of the things that made Star Wars so special is how George Lucas and his huge list of collaborators made the universe feel so lived in. It really looked and felt like a real place, dents in the droids and all, a place that really would have a list of which ships were docked in which bay in Mos Eisley because it was somebody's job on Mos Eisley to schedule that stuff.

We’ve taken a few of our favorite facts and put them into question form below—see how well you know the Star Wars universe by playing below:

1) C3P0 is the greatest translator of all time—how many forms of communication can he speak in?

2) What companies (they were made by two different manufacturers) made C3P0 and R2D2?

3) What language does R2D2 speak in?

4) Where are C3P0 and R2D2 when they're blasted into pieces and electrocuted, respectively?

5) Who puts C3P0 back together again?

6) How much does Jabba the Hutt weigh?

7) What is the tattoo on Jabba's right arm?

8) The Millennium Falcon is a heavily customized ship—what did it begin its life as?

9) What's the top speed for the Millennium Falcon "in-atmosphere" (meaning, on a planet)?

10) What were the odds of the Millennium Falcon safely navigating the asteroid belt above Hoth?

11) How many parsecs did it take the Millennium Falcon to make the Kessel run?

12) What game did Han beat Lando Calrissian in to win the Millennium Falcon?

13) What did they use to make the slimy sound of Jabba the Hutt moving?

14) Okay, what was the docking bay number for the Millennium Falcon in Mos Eisley?

And finally, for the super advanced Star Wars student, the toughest one yet…

15) What three droid brains make up the Millennium Falcon's onboard computer?


1) C3P0 knows more than 6,000,000 forms of communication.

2) C3P0 was made by Cybot Gallactica, R2D2 was made by Industrial Automaton

3) It's called Binary. C3P0, of course, translate for him.

4) Cloud City

5) Chewbacca—he screws his head on backwards.

6) 1,358 pounds.

7) It's the Desilijic kajidic symbol, his specific clan.

8) It began as a YT-1300F light freighter.

9) 652 mph.

10) 3,720 to 1.

11) Two parsecs

12) Sabacc.

13) A bowl of melted cheese.

14) 94.

15) An R3 Astromech, a V-5 Transport Droid and a Slicer Droid.

Featured image: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Ph: Film Frame. Lucasfilm Ltd. All Right Reserved.


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