Go Behind the Scenes of Spectre

A plane crashing through a house and skidding down a huge, snowy slope? Check. James Bond (Daniel Craig) scrambling, for real, across the rooftops of Mexico City while real helicopters corkscrew 360 degrees above him? Check. A chase involving a plane, a helicopter, and three cars along an alpine road with a precipitous drop off the side of a cliff. Check.

Access is everything, and for the folks at ScreenSlam.com, access is what they do. That's why they were able to get on set during the filming of Spectrethe latest film in the Bond franchise. As always, James Bond is called into action in parts all over the globe, from a Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City to Rome, Morocco, and beyond.

"The philosophy of the Bond franchise and mine in particular is to do things real," says director Sam Mendes. Having wowed audiences with the fantastic set pieces in Skyfall (who could forget that insane chase through a London tube station?), Mendes and his team, including special effects supervisor Chris Corbould and second unit director Alexander Witt, were going to have to do some serious work to top their last effort.

As you'll see in the video below, the filmmakers put together what appears to be some serious, and very real, action.


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