A Sizzling Teaser for Season 2 of The Flash

The Flash returns to the CW Network on October 6, bringing back our favorite lightning-struck superhero Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) for season two. Here comes Jay Garrick, the first Flash (?), who has come to warn the current Flash and everybody else that their world is in danger! This prompts the reasonable question from Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) of exactly how many worlds there are? Many, apparently, but the important take-away here is ours is in danger.

In danger how?

Well it turns out creating a “singularity” over Central City succeeded in creating a portal that “if he got through there’ll be more to follow.”

What, who’s he?

Looks like it’s the Atom Smasher, also known as Albert Rothestein from the comics.

Wait, is that a Batman-like Flash symbol at the 22-second mark?



Featured image: Art from The Flash. Courtesy The CW Network.


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