The Walking Dead Teaser for Season 6 is Here

If you caught the series premiere of Fear the Walking Dead last night, that means you also got a taste of The Walking Dead’s season 6. If you weren’t already aware, AMC’s ratings juggernaut features a cast of characters who have, more or less, all gone insane. Okay perhaps not all of them, but Rick and Carol are pretty much batty at this point, making Daryl (remember season one’s feral Daryl? That feels like it was a million years ago!), of all people, the show’s moral conscious. Well fine, that’s Glenn, but you get the point. These people have had plenty of reasons to go bananas, as the new teaser and the four-minute trailer for season 6 emphasizes. It’s not for nothing the show’s main character are shown standing against a totally black backdrop in the teaser, a backdrop as black as Rick Grimes heart has become after years of murdering zombies and whoever got in his way or threatened his “people.” And now Rick’s got an old friend to deal with—Morgan—who seems possessed of some very gritty stuff and may just not like the Ricktatorship that’s definitely coming to Alexandria. Everything points towards yet another power struggle between Rick and whoever is insane enough to challenge him, only Rick may have actually met his match in Morgan, a man who seems to be either even crazier, or, has achieved some zen-like peace with the zombified world and will therefore finally put Rick down for good.

And now that we know that The Walking Dead will return on October 11, with a whopping 90-minute premiere, it’s time to officially get excited. Season five was the strongest yet, and by the looks of the following videos, season six might even be better.


And how about this trailer, which was originally showcased at Comic-Con:

And finally, there’s this—Norman Reeds, our beloved on Daryl, on being a bad ass:


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